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heather whipple

I was a little further along reading the book than you, but then I got interrupted and haven't been back for a week so I may need to start over. I also wanted a timeline and a list of characters and a map, but then I thought that what would really work is a wiki...


I also thought that. Hmm. We *have* a wiki... But then I became daunted by the idea of making some kind of special namespace within the wiki.I could make another wiki specially for this book. What do you think?

laura quilter

of course we can set up a wiki for this if you want. TOT.feministsf.net?


Hah, this is funny. A couple days ago I essentially exhausted my reading list. The only two books I had left were two I had purchased a while back but had decided were too daunting to actually try to read: one was Mary Gentle's 700+ page "A Sundial In A Grave: 1610", and the other was "The Orphan's Tales". I eventually went with 1610, mainly because the blurbs on the TOT cover made it seem like trying to read it would be more work than actual enjoyment.


Oh no not at all, it's possible to just read it and not think about this level. It's beautifully enjoyable on the "read it straight through" level! It's fairy tales... it might also make you think of the sagas. It is not like you read 1001 nights by making diagrams. (I do though.)


druidsquirrel you would also like the STeerswoman books I think.


so beautiful! The end is the best thing ever... at the Net Weaver Sigrid's two last speeches I cried.

Particular sentences echoed in my head all day today as I swam and worked and drove around. Or phrases - random bits like when the Centaur King described his opponent as a "muscled block of breath and bone". beautiful poety bits everywhere.

I have to read all Valente's other writing now.


thanks, badger. i will check out the steerswoman series. also, now that i have your handy reference guide, maybe i will take a go at TOT.


More cheat sheet in progress:

Not complete - I left out many bits of the frame story in the beginning

Book of the Steppe
The girl in the garden and the boy prince.
The Tale of The Prince and the Goose (Girl to Boy) # The prince kills the goose
The Witch's Tale (The Witch to Leander) # the Witch tells of her girlhood as Knife, and capture by soldiers
Grandmother's Tale (Bent-bow to Witch) # Bent-bow explains her early education to her granddaughter, in jail
Horsewoman's Tale (Thurayya to Bent-bow) # Woman from the steppes tells the origin of the universe and Stars
Grandmother's Tale continued # Bent-bow's girlhood ordeal in the cave
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Pop back out to Leander kneading bread, blood, and tears
Grandmother's Tale continued # Bent-bow continues telling of the mystical cave
The Wolf's Tale # The Stars' early days; the Manikarnikas' death in the nomad girl's tent
The Witch's Tale, continued # the Witch describes her time in the dungeon with her grandmother
The Wolf's Tale, continued # The nomad girl; the bodies of the Manikarnika are laid in the cave
Grandmother's Tale continued # Bent-bow tells how she went into the chamber of the 7 sleepers
In the Garden # the boy and girl eat together
Grandmother's Tale, continued # More of the Wolf-star in the cave; Bent-bow receives the starlight blood
Out of the Garden # Dinarzad catches the boy
The Witch's Tale, continued # Knife and her grandma in jail
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leander thinks; mentions his mom; The Witch lectures him
The Nursemaid's Tale # Leander tells the Witch his Nursemaid's story of his mom's death
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # The Witch prepares to talk again; pop the stack
The Witch's Tale, continued # Jail. Knife gives birth to Aerie. King, Wizard Omir, Bentbow, Knife meet.
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leander realizes he killed Knife's daughter and swears to bring her to life
The Other Prince's Tale # The Leucrotta is tuff
In the Garden # More frame story. Oh yeah, them!
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leander goes on Quest, meets bartender
The Tavern-Keeper's Tale # Astrological portents; Snake-star's death; polar bear meets the Marsh-King
Tale of the Harpoon and the Heron # The Marsh-King Heron, his brother the Harpoon-star
The Star's Tale # Laakea harpoon-star, the Firebird, Ixora, snake-girls, Snake-star's death
Tale of the Harpoon and Heron, continued # Laakea sneers at Quests and warns the Heron
The Tavern-Keeper's Tale # The Marsh-King turns Eyvind the bear into a man (the bartender)
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leander and Eyvind, boots, Leander meets the Marsh King
The Discourse of the Marsh King # The other prince and his Quest logic
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leucrotta gives its skin to Leander
The Leucrotta's Tale # Beast meets Knife, other prince, Magadin
The Beast-Maiden's Tale # Magadin's family, stepmom Iolanthe, capture by Wizard Omir
The Leucrotta's Tale # Knife and Beast rescue Magadin from tower
In the Tower # Dinarzad locks the boy in a tower
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Magadin to Muireann*; Leander back to Knife, forgetting Eyvind
The Witch's Tale, continued # Omir kills Grandmother Bent-bow, proposes King to marry Knife
The Wizard's Tale # King Indrajit and Zmeya the Snake-goddess
The Witch's Tale, continued # Wizard explains to Knife about metamorphosis
The Wizard's Tale, continued # End of story told only to Knife; Snake-star's revenge and death
The Witch's Tale, continued # Knife changed to Helia; gives birth to Leander
The Tale of the Prince and the Goose, continued # Leander realizes the witch Knife is his mom!
The Witch's Tale, continued p. 165 #


arrr formatting lost
will fix later. it was all nice with tabs.

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