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There are going to be ignorant bigots no matter where you go. (Some of them may be bigoted in the opposite of the 'usual' direction.) I think it is not necessarily bad for Moomin to find out they are out there in a first hand manner. I think that around here, bigots are in the minority, and the 'safe space' advertising is pretty powerful.

The biggest bigots I see on any sort of regular basis are my parents. I use them as a learning opportunity for Rocketina when I can.


That's optimistic of you on the "bigots in the minority"... I am afraid if you scratch the surface of most of the apparent non bigots you get some pretty crazy stuff. once they feel their own privilege might be at risk then all hell breaks loose. They are happy to do charity as long as it's understood they are superior and don't actually have to deal with anything messy or difficult... BAH.


It is completely bizarre how it's okay for the white women to talk bitterly - with vitriol - about how THEY (the latinas ) "never" come to the meetings (though they do) and yet the instant someone says "Hey, how come you didn't come to the spanish-speakers meeting" the white people get massively defensive... and explain how non racist they are but how intimidating the meeting would be for them. I know i should be a good diplomat and be nice. but I'm too pissed off right now.

Prentiss Riddle

Apropos of nothing, two little stories from Katy, Texas (suburb west of Houston on I-10):

(1) The local Muslim community wants to build a mosque. Not only have neighbors mounted a campaign against it, but they've organized pig races and pork dinners next door to the mosque property during Friday prayers. Check out the opponents' website (note the domain name chosen to for its resemblance to that of the actual mosque).

(2) In an unrelated story, a group of local citizens is running a door-to-door petition drive to ban the display of "fag flags" (rainbow flags) in Katy.


So now you must tell me who that person was.

We're all bigoted assholes. But some people are aware of this and actively work to become less so, whereas others needs kicks in the ass before they can even start thinking about their prejudices.

I am trying to find a balance between being shrill righteousness (which no one listens to except those already on my side) and inclusive mediation (which can defuse and deflate everything that matters). Ongoing.

Liz Ditz

This is just a snippet of what I think. I'm not saying this is how you should have responded -- it is just such a giant hole -- here are are a few shovels-full of what can be thrown in.

"I'm just SICK and tired of THESE PEOPLE who are too lazy to teach their kids English

Golly, hippy-ass momma, I wonder if THESE PEOPLE really speak English that well themselves? I mean, I don't speak [insert second language here] all that well myself; I would hardly venture insist that we all speak [insert second language here] at home.

I suppose if I were living in Israel, for example, even if I were fluent in Hebrew we'd be speaking English at home. What do you think, hippy-ass momma? If your family was relocated to Germany, would you be speaking German at home, or English?

at home coming into our system

Golly, hippy-ass momma, whose system would you send them to? I mean, is it like they read someplace that Deadwood City is like a target?

and fucking up MY kid, screwing up my child's school, and her education.

Golly, hippy-ass momma,I hear that you are worried about your kid. I wonder, did it ever occur to you that the parents you are complaining about have the exact same worries--that our Deadwood district is their family's best ticket out of misery?

They don't volunteer in the classroom and they're not involved and they don't care.

Golly, hippy-ass momma, did it ever occur to you that the adults who are relatively fluent in English are working two and three jobs so they don't have to live in the Rivvensrook district, so their kids aren't totally thrown away? Did it ever occur to you that parents who grew up in {south of the border country} were in school systems that actively discouraged parent invovlement? Did it ever occur to you that they care passionately, but don't know how to get involved?

Hippy-ass momma, I'm sorry for you

Pretty Lady

for a while I tried to bring the conversation around and continue asserting ideas against what she said.

And you expected her to listen to you?

Do you listen to people when you're blazingly angry, to the point of having already exploded, and they continue asserting ideas against what you say? All the time they're standing in front of you, thinking what a bigot you are, seemingly failing to understand your frustration, your history, your struggles, thinking these things are trivial and not the point and self-centered and inadequate?

You expect a LOT from people, Badger.


Ah.... It's not like either one of us was exploding with anger right away - it happened gradually - And definitely the both of us were angry but trying to communicate across that.

But yeah, you have a point that I can be judgemental in obvious ways, and undetatched, and that is non-ideal in many situations! Am only human over here...

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