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the serious sexual harrassment didn't start until 6th grade. i have this super vivid memory of Curt getting up in Stacy's face to speculate about the size, shape and texture of her pussy lips. i was pretty innocent at that point but i remember thinking wow, i bet stacy has NO idea what pussy lips even are. but it didnt matter, she was mortified anyway.


In my mind, DOPA is just a crass political ploy by Republican congresscritters facing re election. See this post for more of the background:


Some other resources:

the anti-dopa wiki:


There aer two more aggregator anti-DOPA sites, but I can't find them right now.

Henry Jenkins' latest anti-DOPA


and did you see this?


Predator Panic: Reality Check on Sex Offenders
By Benjamin Radford

posted: 16 May 2006
08:55 am ET

If you believe the near-daily news stories, sexual predators lurk everywhere: in parks, at schools, in the malls—even in teens' computers. A few rare (but high-profile) incidents have spawned an unprecedented slate of new laws enacted in response to the public's fear.

Every state has notification laws to alert communities about released sex offenders. Many states have banned sex offenders from living in certain areas, and are tracking them using satellite technology. Officials in Florida and Texas plan to bar convicted sex offenders from public shelters during hurricanes.

[snip ends, more at link above]


Ew, ew, ew. I would say 6th grade for me too, though 5th had the "rumor that I had had a sex change" thing that I was still taking flak for, years afterward. And it was somehow fairly unisex harrassment.

In 6th it did change dramatically. In retrospect I think part of the dynamic was boys showing off for each other how crude they could be. As you say... the game was to show off one's crude knowledge and the more confused and embarrassed you could make some girl, the better. From what guys have told me about their childhoods, I think the boys did it to each other, too, but not in front of girls.

It was bizarre how fast things shifted from a little light bra-strap snapping and snickering, to a barrage of commentary... the crude kind and the comments on our looks, comparisons, rankings, hotness, body shape...

I still say we put all junior high kids into isolation tanks... the little beasts.

Also, pehoes are the solution to many, many problems. Sparkly codpieces are not enough. We need every young male to wear a peho.

"If Dad came with him, he and the shop assistant would stand there discussing the length, colour, and quality interminably. Ought he to have a size five with a B-tube or a size six with an A-tube, they would debate…"


Actually, I wasn't harrassed at all by boys in school. (I was occasionally whistled at on the street).

In fact, it was the girls who really went after me, notably in 8th grade for not wearing a bra.


I wasn't particularly harassed in junior high or high school either--wait a minute. I've just realized I'd blocked it out. I got systematically teased by different sets of boys in 7th and 8th grade, but I'd always blamed myself, for being shy and prudish and insecure and attracting it. Which was partly true.

But anyway, what I was going to say was that the harassment from the boys was mild and kind compared to the vicious humiliation and torture I received from girls in 3rd grade. If you've ever read "Cat's Eye" by Margaret Atwood--well, it wasn't quite that bad, but the book did give me flashbacks.

And what about the girls? I read somewhere that parents are worried about their 12-going-on-8-year-old boys being molested by 12-going-on-16-year-old girls. Have any of you parents out there noticed this sort of thing? That the girls are maturing sooner than the boys, and confronting them with sexually aggressive behavior that they're not equipped to handle?


god love the pehoes, i know i do.

Prentiss Riddle

The worst sexual harassment I witnessed at that age was boy-on-boy. My Oklahoma town was fiercely homophobic but that didn't keep the middle school bullies from soliciting weaker boys for imaginary blowjobs, or "specials" as they called them. As far as I know the sexual abuse was all verbal and never consummated, but given the atmosphere of shame around the whole subject, if it had escalated to rape I'm sure it would never have been reported.

I've always wondered where that particular abusive meme originated. Did somebody's father or brother bring it home for prison? Or was it an undercurrent of Okie culture going back to the frontier days, Deadwood style? And why "special", a term that rings of massage parlors, although I don't think there was any such establishment in town?

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