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Heya guys... Scatt the dwarf warrior here... Or, after the player wiped out, I was Sierin the Sorceress...

I felt bored and typed in Arcane Nites to google. Lo and behole, I found this blog... Nice seeing so many well known players here. Some of you probably knows a lot more of the person who brought me to AN, Centil. He (or she in the game) is the one brought me into this addiction to AN for so many years :)

Well, peace out!

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Scatt-attack, my old buddie. It's good to see you pop in mentioning the old names like Centil.. or even Cedrik... *GASP* I do remember Centil, the girl on the game... which is now very disturbing that you said Centil was a He... Because He/she went around being married to Cedrik... Gah thats just weird! :) Anyways, I check this bloggie all the time for someone to say, HEY! I got Arcane Nites up and running, and enjoy seeing the old names.

P.S. If you still talk with Centil and Cedrik, remind Ced that I enjoyed her customized one-of-a-kind candle up until the pwipe before Sphere Changes. small purple candle.. +12/12 -25 saves and + 3 dex/str/con if i remember correctly.. It truely was a kick ass light! :)

~Quinton Vha'Sokan


You got it right, Centil is a HE in rl. Centil (I'll just say the name to avoid using gender pronoun :) and Cedrik got into trouble when Cedrik's gf/wife found out he was married in game. She was jealous as mad even after she found out Centil is actually a guy, hahaha.... At one point, I was playing Cabe, their son for some times. An Cabe fell in love with a gal, which I don't remember anymore what's her name. That female char later on fell in love with an Imm... Oh, the drama...

I still talked with Centil every once in a while. He is now married, to a real woman, hahahaha... As for Cedrik, I've never talked with him outside of AN, which means, after he left AN, I've never talked with him any longer...

If AN ever revived, I will definitely pop out in the game!


Hmmm, Cedrik sounds familiar. What class was he? Was he PK? Did I kill him? Not sure, but the name rings a bell.

Yes, we definitely need ARCANE NITES to go back online. Comeon, Sean, don't leave us hanging.


Dang it, someone left a comment which my blogging software seems to think is spam, and they emailed it to me, and now I can't find it! Please re-send it... You were offering to take the code and clean it up and open source it -- which would be GREAT if Sean and others agree. I would help maintain it on Sourceforge if you like!

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Cedrik was a PK mage... possibly a darknight, who was "Married" to Centil. I cant quite remember his class, I just know me and him had our battles. Cedrik was prolly the only player I ever had genuine hate for... Well besides Saaf, the pk Druid later turned Ninja, but he was a baby anyway. hehehe. I use to kill Saaf and loot his UBER weapon, then wait for Stomp to contact me. Sure as shit, not even 2 days later, Stomp is contacting me begging me to give his weapon back so he would quit crying. Offering me 50-100 vouchers everytime I robbed Saaf. Bwahahaha, that's actually how I made most my vouchers on that mud, was from Stomp paying me to give Saaf back his cheat weapon G*R*E*E*N*F*E*A*R. Saaf thought he was slick by changing the item name to *greenfear, but I quickly figured out get * corpse was the best way to loot that fool. Ahhhhhh the good old days.

~Quinton Vha'Sokan


Ah, I see. So you picked on Saaf like we used to pick on Nailosi. Actually, we picked on Saaf too. His druid and my druid were in a race to reach 1000, but then Winter beat us both; probably because I spent too much time harrassing Saaf to keep him from leveling.

Centil Da Blackhand Mage

Lol, I loved AN and still love AN. I do think about it sometimes, I think I played like 6 years!!.

For those I didn't know I was a DUDE. I apologize and I thank you for the hospitality and all the help I received during those years!!

AN really made a difference in people's lives. Even after years, people still do a search in Google for it and found this blog. That's really nice.

Thank you for all the years of true fun. I could never find another game as fun as AN and addicted me for 6 years.


I miss you all:
Cedrik (AN hubby, LOL), Ryu, Morr, Stomp, Menion, Quintin, Bane, Mosquito, Maeve, Saaf, Nailosi, Vidiot, Scatt, Doeh, Chrono, Bane, Darkseid, Saaf, Maya, Terakai, and all other names that I can't recall and finally Jythar!


This is Nodens and later on Scorn Do'Ulhen the last lord of one of the non-existing factions *wink*.

Cedrik was a dkn.
ohnus, I used your old Grey Death clan hall as a pk safe spot all the time. Because very few people knew how to get there and even less were left that remembered/knew how to navigate the portals (actually I think it was just Apex and me at the time).

Bane...yes you used to kill Cedrik a lot. I know cause I've helped him a couple of times. Dkn thing.
Nailosi....lol. Saaf, even more lol. And Spirokai was a pesky ninja that used to hit/flee unless he landed knee/eye on the first try.
Hi to everyone!


Anyhow if someone grabs the source from Ryu, I'm willing to debug the code and polish it and make whatever changes needed to bring it to the state we want (pre-revamp). As some of you know, I've already released a MUD engine codebase under GNU GPL (General Public License) so I'm more than up to it. Anyway if you get it, I can do it.
What I can't do is host it but I can tell you how to host it even if you don't have a linux/*nix platform handy (eg with cygwin). We could even setup CVS so that many coders can work on it.

Glad to see everyone! Even the ones that I constantly fought with. Darkseid, I used to spend lots of gold buying loot from you, haha. And we did level up a lot with Chrono!

The only person I probably hated was Doeh (for obvious reasons:P) and Ryu's alts (eg Draginor, who mysteriously got saved by a crash everytime I was about to land the killing "bre")


Getting flashbacks: Quinton, do you remember when I killed Draginor by spam pushing him into our Thanatos Nocturnae clanhall guardian? Next day Ryu removed our guardian bash/debuff mprogs lol


Anyone remember a little ninja by the name of Moriarty? Whomever he was, he was awesome. His character had less than 2000hp at legend level, usually ran around naked except for a couple daggers he could scrounge, and would die about 10-15 times while trying to PK bigger name PKillers of the day. What made him awesome was that he'd die so often, people would get sloppy and underestimate him. Then he'd manage to knee strike, eye strike, and neck strike them in a room full of big aggros like the Hell Hounds. Once they'd die, he'd sneak in real quick, loot some stuff, make some snyde comment about being bested by a 'wimp', then log off with their loot. It was funny watching those big egos start whining about it being unfair after they'd killed him a dozen times in a row.


Sure I remember him:) He was quite cool and I recall I showed him where he could get the dragonbone daggers so he could always have a supply of a decent pk dagger after he got looted again and again. Hell I used those daggers a lot myself until I got awarded with two RP weapons that were illegal to loot... my lovely "a black, charred dagger" and my "a leather scourge" whip...oh someone grab the source already:P

Terakai, who someone mentioned above, was a mage who acted a bit like Mori but he was pretty annoying instead. If I remember right, Mori had a really bad class combo yet he did quite well.

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Scorn, my old buddy! Thanatos Nocturnae truely was the baddest of the bad! We ran that shit. Even with the bigger, uber Ultimate Evil trying to, we all know who really ran that shit! Bwahaha, and fuck yea i remember you pushing Draginor, classic stuff. Not to mention, the countless times we had him dead and the mud would "Crash" on his last blow. Hahaha, regardless of the sometimes cheap shit, it was still a great time. Oh... I never knew Grey Deaths clanhall was the one with the portal in Halloran! I always thought that was Order of Chaos... Psst. Enter 1.portal, enter 2.portal, enter 3.portal, SAFE! I remember that shit like the back of my hand! :) Gah someone said they miss Terakai! Remeber Terakai and Griftor??? Mage/Ninja combo, cheap mofos who ran forever. How about Julio and Nikulus... Another ninja/mage combo that annoyed the pk world. But by far.. the best Mage/Ninja combo pkrs in the game, my old buddies Phobos/Midnite.

Ahh, by the way, Scorn my old friend, though you may have been the last lord of a certain non-existant faction, I was by far the longest reigning member of that faction! :)


Phobos was midnite??? lol I was karnage and we had assasination tournament, I think midnite was my target lol... dont remember what happened but i remember it took 4ever to finish to quest :D.

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Nah.. Phobos wasn't Midnite.. They were two different dudes. Whats funny, is at one point, I actually owned the character Midnite in the height of Char-Trading days. I owned Midnite when he was a lowly mortal PSI. Quit playing to mud for some time to come back and see him as a giant ass mage, just bustin things up. I was simply saying Phobos and Midnite was the best ninja/mage pk combo there was :). Shit, thinking of it, Char-Trading was the way I aquired Quinton from Davion! I traded that dude all my lil BS chars, all my vouchers, all my saved gear for a buck naked, legend level one Quinton. And from there, the rest is history!

Just bringin up a dark time for Arcane Nites, but who was around, and who left when there was a short period of time that Immortals were taking real money for mud based shit. They wanted all the money they could get to throw the first Arcane Nites Mud Party, and were selling whatever you wanted for real cash. I know, I myself was around for that, and logged in one day to have Saaf, Kodesh, and Whispyr all chasing me with Holylight and Goto commands! Not to mention I walked up to a legend level 1 cleric who wasn't on the "Who Psi" list, and got Deathfielded to shit because it had 15k hp/mana! At that point I deleted what was then the legend level 108 Quinton. I know when I left at that point I had over 200pks... Came back and got Reimb about a year in a half later, and stocked up 300+ more PKs. All of which really didn't matter considering loot was gone by that point :(.

Jus had a lil more reminissing to do folks :)


I played several characters on AN over the years...too many to mention. They were all minor characters. Some of the older ones I had were Osric, Ethan, and Reptar. If anyone is serious about bringing back AN in some form, I'm interested in helping. I have no coding skills, but am gainfully employed and would consider assisting with cash to host it somewhere. I even have a few friends in IT that might be able to set us up with a box and some connecivity. What are all the requirements (hardware/bandwidth/etc for a game like AN?


Heh Q, how come you are the longest reigning one when I embraced all the guys of the last line myself? And I was part of Elmo's line as Nodens before I permakilled him with Scorn so he could become the lord as per Darkholme's rp plan. Were you part of Elmo's line with an alt that I never knew??? Hope you were not hiding that from me :P
Phobos and Midnite were a NASTY pair!!! And I also never knew you got Quinton from Davion lol! Looks like you kept some secrets indeed:P One of the guys I coded the codebase with was Davion, though Joe had shortened his alias to Dav:p

Kodesh! Now that's a hateful name from the past:P
I think I remember seeing Osric at some point.
Regarding the hosting requirements:
The bandwidth requirement is ridiculously low, not even worth to mention since it's plain text over telnet and already compressed by the ppp protocol. If we reach an insane number of players we could also implement MCP (Mud Compression Protocol) for even better compression, in order to keep the traffic to an average of half kilobyte per second.

What you really need on the *nix box/shell is:
Access to developer tools (GNU C/C++ libraries, compilers and scripting languages (eg perl tcl etc))
Access to cronjobs (so we can setup cronjobs for autostarting the mud and schedule maintenance scripts)
Access to CVS (Concurrent Versions System) if they use it, or permission to setup private CVS, so multiple coders can work on the source and have proper versioning/source handling.
At least 3 TCP ports (preferably 5). So we can host 3 instances (Game port where people play, Code port where coders implement and test new code before it goes live, Builder port where builders build without interferences)
A couple of mail accounts/SMTP access (so we can automate some stuff like mailing critical failures to the coders).

I could be forgetting something but I think I covered everything. These are features offered by any decent shell provider and your friends shouldn't have any trouble at all. Usually the big problem is bandwidth requirements which is something that doesn't affect us at all.


I forgot to mention it runs on any hardware. Anything can handle it without even sweating. And that's with entirely unoptimized code...


Btw...almost missed that. I never knew Karnage was Chrono's!!!! Damn! Now I feel dumb:p And didn't you, Q, do pretty good on the assassination quest? I think you won something or is my memory failing me?

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Ahhh, well. The reason I said I was the longest reigning one is because when you got made leader as Scorn, I was already a ..... you know... from a Reimb. The immortals let me keep my .... status. So for months I was the ONLY one around. Later I beleive it was Manji, who was pushing to have Spec_Classes put back in. I then remember when they were choosing a leader I was approached, and I was like "Nah... Im not the leading type, take it Scorn." then you became the leader. After a while of that, you seemed to drop off the planet, so I was left again as the only remaining one left. Infact during that time, I even pushed to have Anthanon inducted. When I got him inducted, he became the only player on the game with a higher hit/dam then me! (short of Ryu's characters that is) DAMN I wish I had Empower, ROFL :). I remember Anthanons stats jumped to 335dam/320hit, while mine was still sitting at 318dam/280hit.

As far as back in the day... Nah Quinton was my only spec-class character. Infact I got inducted when Apex was the leader, so that will let you know the timeframe I got in. Kept my shit until the Darkholme/Seker war, when the god damn Flaming Chicken (remember that RP post from Darkholme?? hehe) killed us all and we lost our spec. Then shortly after that came the "Real Money for Mud Shit" time and my deletion at legend level 108. I got reimed back to legend level 60, and was still a Spec-Class like, BWAHAHAHA! And the immortals let me keep it. I kept that status until you became the next leader, but you personally never embraced me *wink*.

One thing you prolly never knew though, is that before Quinton my most active pk was a legend warrior named Theseus. I battled FOREVER with Terakai/Griftor with that warrior. Infact I even had a small stent as a Darkblade... Lol, Theseus Darkblade, the opposite of honor if you ask me :). During that time though, I clicked up with all the doggy dogs, and was killing all of my TRUE BRETHREN. After about 7 months of doing that, and being denied induction to the dogs, I got pissed and traded all my chars for Quinton. Then flipped the script, started clickin with all the dark brothas, and killin the flea ridden bastardos! The rest as they say, is History!

BTW Scorn, if you never noticed, some weird bastard on aim under the name WahaTrey hitting you up outta the blue that you never responded to.. Yea that was me sucka! I got your aim from Shokto/Menice, and have not been able to get ahold of you for years since! Im glad you read the message I left that pointed you over to this blog though *wink*

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Oh yea, the assassination quest, I did decent but I never won one... Infact, On this blog when i was talkin shit to Dain about how I used a trip bug to bring his ass down, That was actually during the middle of that Assassination Quest! LoL. All my main gear honestly came from looting all the big bastards of my time. My main weapon Long Thin Stiletto called, Frost. Was a looted item that Chelestra(Jamar) RPd and boosted under her Weaponsmith RP she/he used to run. At the time she was even aligned with Thanatos Nocturnae and was in the clan {I}, but I couldn't resist! My other weapon came from when I was leading the small clan MP(Moors Punishers), and had MP's clan item. Jamar approached me and informed me that the clan item had to be removed, and that he would give me an item in place of it. So I had him take a Broadsword of Absortion(sharp flag on it, good for Deathstrike), and make it so it couldnt be disarmed or wriststriked, and had him change it to pierce. Later I boosted that bastard with my own vouchers to get the average dam maxed out and the + hit/dam maxed out. And that was my second hand weapon Spider Fang II. The original Spider Fang, I ditched when I got Chelestra's kick ass stiletto.

Later after I had looted all this kick ass gear... Looting became illegal, and it was then mine forever! :)


I'd be willing to host if we could get the code. I'm not sure if I have the proper equipment as I have very little server experience, but I'd love to learn. I go through Charter broadband. I also have two unused computers: a Pentium 166MHz and a P3 500MHz. Both have Windows on them, but I could either get Cygwin or try to convert them over to Linux boxes.


Wow, this brings back great memories. PK on AN was excellent fun at its peak. Funny to see references to me and Phobos..but you're right - we were a nasty combo :p

Some of my fondest memories include hunting down packs of vamps and garou (before I became a vamp). Also I think everyone enjoyed killing Saaf and looting greenfear :p Best PK player I think I came across was Grymm. He certainly knew what he was doing.

Quinton, Scorn, and my other old mates and sparring partners..good to see you again!!!


Ah! Now I remember, there was one that was already in unofficially but I couldn't remember which one. Flaming chicken? Oh, the laughs! Too bad Apex betrayed us in the end...not only he left us but he lead those OP slayers gah!

Bane, That little P 166Mhz will work nicely if you throw linux on it and optimize it. Compiling will be a bit slow but it'll do. I wouldn't suggest Cygwin on those two rigs. The overhead would certainly slow them down a lot.

Hey Midnite!!! You guys rocked! And yeah...Grymm was the shit! I remember when he decided to leave us because there was nothing to kill...when we had him on the crew there was not a chance anyone else would score a kill...

Q, didn't know Wahatrey was you, I'll drop you a line when I'll catch you online;)

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Midnite! Good to see you pop up in here brutha! I love it, I say someones name, and they Pop up like, "WAzzzzuuuup." This is just fucking great. You gotta love the following that Arcane Nites still attracts. Honestly, can anyone say for any other mud, that nearly 3 years after it was removed there is still a following willing to fight to bring it back. Not only to bring it back, but to simply bring it back to what it use to be without many changes whatsoever??? Fuck no you cant! Or atleast I cant. Damn it, someone get on bringing this bitch back up, I will be more then happy to PayPal some funds over to someone, to help as a donation.

Shit, I'd actually be more then happy to open the PayPal account myself for Arcane Nites donations to help pay for hosting. As I do work for PayPal, and know all the ends and outs :).

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Oh yea... Speaking of Thanatos Nocturnae and {I}, anyone ever keep contact with Zendeleeve/Zendalzere (the dude who built the Mines of Minarak(?)watever that fuckin areas name was) , Demitri, or Ryo/Ryokun? Those were a few of the old homeboys, I wouldn't mind seeing pop their head in to say whats up.

Oh yea, and speaking of "Its a Darknight Thing" Scorn, remember Amando? That dude was a funny motha fucka.

Quinton Vha'Sokan

Yea yea.. Im a blog spamming bastard I know! Scorn brotha, I just had some funny memories pop back in my head. One being useing your house enterance to FUCK people up. That was one bad ass pk spot.. and if you got in a bind, say the magic words and into the house you went! But it was an opportune spot to lure mages and other spell casters considering it was a no-spell room, with no recall either, and the only exit was a secret phrase, if the door was closed. Ahhh the good ol days! You remember sitting there plotting ways to try and convince Ryu to add a Dracolich Spec_class? You had that shit down to a science, and probably still do. Scorn by far is the most educated motha fucker on Demonology I have ever met! :) Ok I'm done for tonight, I promise.


Zendy-poo :P haha It was Mines of Myranik if I recall right. Unfortunately I haven't any contact information for those guys. Of course I remember good ol' mando. He was pretty funny.

My house entrance was built with a trap in mind;) Before that I used to use that Mahabharhata or something like that room you had shown me...noexit room for the fun of it;)

Heh parts of that Dracolich plan, at least the creation of it was ripped off the Forgotten Realms MC. hehe

Has anyone tried to contact Ryu at that email address to grab the source and area files or we're all waiting for someone else to do it?


...requested the code from Sean last Thursday...no reply as of yet...anyone else?

Quintin / Arawn

I spoke with him in WoW a few weeks back when he popped online. It is probably the best way to directly get a hold of him :) It was good to touch base again!

Quintin / Arawn


...bleh...I'm not on WoW...what'd he have to say about the MUD?

Deano Diablo

Heya. I was an IMM on AN many, many years back. Came across this site and just dropping a hiya.


haha I remember you Deano ;). Long time no hear, how're things??


Zelfast Spellweaver


All these old faces. Arcane Nites was a home to me as well first With Zelfast Spellweaver as a player and then later as Keyrst if thats even how i spell the damn name i cant remember anymore. I was gonna drop in here all rp style like days of old but i decided against it. Anyway How has everyone been? Miss you all and I hope everything is well.

Zelfast Spellweaver of the Red Death


I got the link to this site from the yaoo group some of the guys put together. This is Belteel, Peregrine, Pheonix and Rogue..... well rogue- any and everything, i had like 10 of them.

I know i'd be interested in playing if AN made a reappearance. So would Brianna.
if anyone wants to catch up with either of us on WOW by the way, we're both on muradin server alliance side. I'm going by Corwyn and she's Meian.

By the way, incase any of you guys wanted to know we finally got married, adding yet another AN couple to the pool.


Muhahaha, I don't mean to laugh at you personally Belteel, but to some people the marriage comes as no shock, long time, no see eh? Anyways, I asked Ryu over a month ago for the code and I've gotten no reponse, and I'm sorry if this looks so bad, a hardcore night of drinking impairs the ability to write/type cohorrently.


Hello Q, do you remember me :)
Was Riendf the bored psi thief that was leveling you sometimes with his scripted team:)
Thieves were pretty useless as pk anyway :)
was also SighFried, the highest level pure hero when they were existing was fun to play a half drag with only cleric.
And many other 1k char character on this way too unbalanced mud
(I remember Cagwen, , Molly, , Nefrid, Frenid, and countless other 1K characters :))


Wow, this seems to be the new AN, right here.

Yup, we all really loved that game, and I would love to see it back. How much in real dollars would it take to get it up? I could supply quite a bit if there is a reasonable change that it could actually be restored.

Plus a stream of other chars:)


reasonable chance even


I am also willing to help bring AN back...as I am not a coder, this would mainly be financial assistance. Besides the code (btw: who can get this from Sean?), coders and imms (thought a couple people mentioned interest in doing this), a host (perhaps envy.com, where we saw it last), and players, what else do we need? How many people here are seriously on-board with this, and in what ways will they be participating?


More than the server, I would like to have the data structure of the areas, and some areas to play with.
I am so bored that I can code a mud server engine based on one of the many open sources one.
Would be java based though I hate C syntax.
But to test it I need areas.
I could get back an enhanced AN if enough people are behind me (otherwise I lack the motivation)
AN code was kinda buggy anyway....(lost days of leveleling way too many times...)


Found this on sourceforge
If somebody can provide the areas of arcane nite, I could add whatever is needed to have them plugged in.
This engine seems to provide most of what is needed, just need to configurate it and add areas to have most of AN running on it.
At least the one I left, before everything was remade.
Should be nice if we built a mail list with everyone interested in it, to see if it worth the time on it.


Well coffeemud is way too bloated for what we need it for. Also java does not help at all. The overhead from the jvm is insane for a simple mud and is entirely a bad choice. The only reason I see using a java based codebase (and the slowness it implies over standard ansi c) is if you're going the gfx way (and want to code a client application as well). But we're talking AN here.

If we don't have the original code, all we need to do in order to recreate it is grab a copy of ROM 2.4b which is what AN is based of (which is GPL'd too). A huge percentage of AN's code is stock ROM (command parser, magic/casting system, bsd socketing code, etc) and it also includes a great deal of standard ROM/diku/merc code snippets (eg mobprog code).

I seriously fail to see why we need to reinvent the wheel (and a slower/heavier wheel too) and not just "change the tire". The impossible part on this feat though is getting the areas back. We can't recreate those, they have to be given to us...


Well because ease of code and maintanibility is far more important to me than performance, especially if performance is good enough on client size.
You can always put a bigger server, it's a lot harder to modify code than to buy one gig of ram or bigger processor. and a lot more expensive too.
So if you tell me that coffemud cannot handle two or three hundred players with current hardware I will agree you.
(and I don't think AN ever got past this number of players)
If anyone has any idea of the connection needed to host a mud, it would be a plus.
My computer is on 24h a day already so I could host it if a p4C 3ghz with 2gig of ram is enough, (could buy another computer anyway)
And I have a 1.6Mo/s download and 100k/s upload.


hey dudes,

i was googling arcane nites to see if there was any news about it i could find, and i stumbled on this blog. i used to play dating back to when the order of the rose was still around and all the way up to a few years ago mostly as my monk Akrata, but also as krasol and a few others. if anyones playing an muds that are similar at all to AN let me know, ive had the urge to get back into mudding, but finding one as unique as AN is hard to do.

hope everyone is swell,

Wade Kemi

Heya...This is Lanfear/Bolter/Carnage/ anyone you feared in pkill. I came across this and seen you all trying to relive the moments. Johnus longtime no see...havent seen you since you and geppie and I had sean drink till his pants fell down to his ankles in the bathroom *not pretty*. I thought AN would be around forever. If it gets up and going someone holler at me. Bane you have my email as you just showed me this site:)


Lol YO WADE wassup bitch!! How's life? huhahhahaha



I started to clean the code of CoffeeMud in order to use it for AN.
In two weeks or so, I will get an svn server so everyone can contribute.
I will also have a webpage where I will explain what I always wanted AN to be.
Because if it was near perfect for non pk, pk sucked.
no loot, no steal, basically pointless.
I intend to base pk on fame.
Basically you die by the hand of a pk, you lose your character and equipment.
BUT you are given the possibility to create a player with the same amount of experience, and the same 'stock' equipment (the unique stuff is lost, otherwise it would be pointless)
and start fresh.
(and dont even expect using the same or souding char name :p, I wont accept sextuplet either, roleplay it dammit)

For now on, I am pretty confident that base code of Coffemud has eveyrything needed to look like AN.
But I will still miss the area and noone seems to be able to provide them.
Still stay tuned...


Sounds interesting. It's great that you're trying to create a mud that feels like AN, but would it have the same remort system? To me, that's what made Nitemare and AN so unique. I've heard of a few other muds that had similar remort systems, but I've never bothered to check them out because I was fully satisfied with Ryu's creation. In fact, I've tried other muds in the last couple years, and none of them had that remort system, and because of that, I quickly lost interest in them.

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