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Hey guys. Shokto here. I have my own linux server that I use for work. I have contacted Sean in attempts to get the code and areas from him. Hopefully we can get this back up and running. Would be sweet to be playing AN again.



It would be super awesome if Sean would agree to open source it. We could stick it up on SourceForge or somewhere. I'd love that... I did make some contributions to that code, myself. (In addition to the areas I built.)


Bane:remort system is not really a problem to implement in coffemud (you can basically generate classes on the fly and a remort is no more than the addition of two classes)
I have the mud running on my laptop, my next goal is to have a system to backup the database regulary, then to revamp the leveling system to add remorting (there is a system atm, but I dont really like it)
Then I will need areas, to make it live and 'under construction'. (I will start with the boring 'stock' ones.)
I think it will be running in mid November.
I kind of hope to add AN areas.
But if you all intend to play the exact same AN if it runs again, well tell me now, because I don't want to work for 'nothing'.
First, because I want AN to stay perfectly honest to all players and I don't trust any of the past imp or imms to be.
Second, because I don't want to code in C or C++ anyway.
Third:because AN was unstable, and the recurrent corruption of the database made me lose countless hour of leveling :)


Well I hope to get a reply from Sean soon. Then a few weeks to figure some stuff out. Well if anyone wishes to talk about the good ole days of AN feel free to find me on MSN or AIM.

AIM: Shokto10
MSN: joe_bast@sympatico.ca


Well it seems Sean either A) can't find where he put it. or B) doesn't want to give it out. My 2nd thought would be to recreate it AN from a ROT codebase. I beleive if this is done it wouldn't take to long to do so. If anyone is interested in this by building or coding let me know on MSN or AIM or email.

AIM: Shokto10
MSN: joe_bast@sympatico.ca
Email: joe_bast@sympatico.ca


I'd try your Coffeemud version out, Riendf. If you're willing to put in the work to create it, I'll put in the work to play it.


Riendf lets hook up man. I can code the shit up you take the rest...hehe

send me an email or IM.



Io Shokto, I will try to contact you through msn, i am not mad enough to put my email on the net like you did ;p
i don't want to get more spam
I am still struggling with my gentoo, but as soon as it is working, I can put the mud online.
it is working with stock area, and atm I code the remort system.
i will mostly need builder next, and if possible the list of skill per classes AN had.
then player to test it of course, so we can reac AN feeling.


...good stuff...


Being that I am one of the older players from back in the Nitemare era, and having spent countless hours playing every single class combination, I feel qualified to give input on the skills/spells and play-testing. As far as areas go, I don't remember them all too well, but if you'd be interested in some original areas, I wouldn't mind creating some.

PS. What's a gentoo?


Gentoo, a linux distribution , I need a server/ftp/router/wifi acces point/svn server.
But the install manual is kind of sucky and won't work with my hardware.
Starting to think of a debian instead....


if anyone can get in touch with sean let me know i have emailed him but no response yet.


I have the code/areas and I could start it up again but we would need to contact Ryu(sean) and have him approve me to do this. I have it running on my linux box. and brings back a lot of memories. I can let some of you oldies stop in and have some fun but if sean disapproves then I would need to shut it down. email me or find me on msn or aim.

AIM: shokto10
MSN: joe_bast@sympatico.ca
email: joe_bast@sympatico.ca


make it run!!!!! how about the PFILE???


Added you to my MSN IM list and sent you a message, Shokto. Just waiting for a response. Would love to run around the old AN again, even if I have to make a new character and play him back up.


email is likely the best way to get in touch...I check in regularly.


I am willing to host the mud. Contact me for more info :P Love or hate but if yall think about it were all long time friends about what? 12 years? for us old vets? thats insane :P so anyways let me know what you think and if there is a project open i like to know where to find out more about it :P


anubis long time....an.selfip.biz port 3000


Let me know if there is anything I can do. I built a number of areas way way back in the day (unfortunately I don't have any of them anymore). I'm an engineer at a gaming company, so I'm sure I could help out in my non-crunch time.


Quintin / Arawn


Let me know if there is anything I can do. I built a number of areas way way back in the day (unfortunately I don't have any of them anymore). I'm an engineer at a gaming company, so I'm sure I could help out in my non-crunch time.


Quintin / Arawn

sanouske?deldrgn? i had too many to remember

hi : ) i got bored n searched AN on google and got this blog too, nice to see some names i remember haha (not sure if anyone remembers me, heck i dont even remember my own names) but yeah good seeing that yall are alive and still wanting to get back to AN. i play WoW now, name mikoya horde lock on rivendare (#1 in 5v5 yaaay) and would love to hear if AN is up again or not :) hope u guys are doing well bye!


Yes AN is up and running....anselfip.biz port 3000


Funny, I was poking around online and I googled AN and my name. I played Grymm... also Aenima, Darkshine, Maelstrom, and Aurek as an IMM. thanks for the mention. I miss AN. I'd still play if it was oldschool. Amazing to see all the old names, I may have been kill everyone, but I remember a lot of players and think of them fondly


Man, so many good memories. I remember Mosquito's thief grumpy scooped my Defiler blade I put so much work into. So I killed one of my other chars in ... that area where you had to tele to some priest and logged Grymm on and killed him as he ran to scoop my other chars loot and scooped his darkblade.

I remember jamus I think his name was picking on me when he was a were and deciding I was going to destroy and I focused on learning PK. I remember a were named Damus or something who had an imm char and the first time I got him to a no exit room and cursed him and he went were and pulled out my defiler that did negative damage and destroyed him.

I remember Ulwais and Attakyat (sp) and all the help they game me. I remember Terakai and Griftor trying to kill me in cath and destroying them both and finally they didn't get away.

I remember Ryu giving me a place to call home which I appreciate.

I remember Shadorei lording vamp over me (he was also griftor) and how pissed he was after I got vamp and he didn't get reinvited.

I remember my brother ZendalZare and fighting an IMM char literally as RP when he purged vamp from us, and people fighting and rebiting as quick as he could cure us.

I remember one cleric.. think it was Slayer that I could never kill, he always made the room safe or whatever.

I remember Kodesh and how hard he was to kill, he used something once that his class didn't have and I was like... wtf.

I remember questing for empower, and how mean I was to Centil (sorry) and wow. I won't ever forget AN, that doesn't compare to EQ or WoW.


Awesome! Aurek!! aka Grymm! I remember your fascinating PK-ing ways! Also ZendalZere, who was super nice!

-- Maya, Goddess of Laughter & Delight


Maya! We were always cool and I was a shithead, and I always felt bad about that. I remember you fondly!


AN is back.


An AN is back dead due to oh old AN habbits of screwing playerbase....
I wish Shokto would choose his imms elsewhere cause picking OLD AN imms leads to old AN problems....


I typed Arcane Nites into google as well to see what I could dig up. I actually typed in Midnite too because one of my old characters was on his description kill list. It's good to see so many names I recognize from years ago. Most of you probably won't remember me, but that's ok. Hope all is well with all of you.


Shokto resolved the problem with LongHorn, we can get back to play withotu pwipe !


port 7000

Asardony th

Hey i used to play, and am playing now - Asardonyth if anyone remembers, i wasn't very old, but had a high lvl legend monk and loved to pk, i think i was on the low end of the legend chart , like 7th or so.


I'm very happy to see the efforts going in to remaking/reviving this wonderful game/community. It's especially encouraging to know that everyone liked the old remort system. I really enjoyed the strategy involved in planning your character's classes and equipment. Yes, the leveling system was easy (and fun) to exploit, but maybe we could balance things a bit better this time around. I'd be just as happy to play on the original code too though. AN PvP was the best in any online game I've played, by far. I look forward to facing you again, Grymm ;)

So what the trick to create an account at arcane.genesismuds.com
port 7000? BTW, I'm happy to offer assistance building. I may still have notes from some of my old areas, if no one has been able to get them from Sean :)


Wow lots of old names. Good to hear from you again Kodesh. Well come talk to me again. arcane.genesismuds.com port 7000


I was Evlyn (first 15k hp Pal), Cyril (psi), Merciless, and Stormrider (my first char back in 96).


I remember you used to help me as Evlyn when I first started!

- Maya


Has anyone seen or talked to either Nodens or Dav lately? I would like to talk to them if someone does. Please direct them to the following:

AIM: Shokto10
MSN: joe_bast@sympatico.ca

port 7000



Just decided to search for Arcane Nites on a whim to see if I could pick up any old trails, and I was surprised to see how many hits turned up. Most would know me as Manji, my mortal never having achieved any particular notoriety. I was an imm for a long while, then an imp for the last few years. I left not too long before the mud seemed to fade away entirely.

Just thought I'd say hello and throw a comment on a years-old entry.


Stop by. We're open for gaming and still building!


- Gillis (aka Kardon, Marion and a ridiculous slew of other characters...)


Hey all,

Man, it's been a long while since the good ol' AN days, and although it was ages ago it also feels like i was there just yesterday. Don't know if anyone remembers me but I played as Kyren part of Darkholme's minions, comrade in arms to Skorn, Karateka, Havoc, Phobos and the bunch over at (&) Thanatos Nocturna.

Gotta admit, I really miss AN sometimes...and camping out in the Pit Fiend's area... The people I played with were definitly some of the most interesting bunch of people i've come in contact with online to date. And no matter how graphical games have gotten today, i still list AN as prolly the best game i've ever played. There was just so much depth to it.

If anyone remembers me and feels like reminiscing some more, send me a buzz at mattzki@hotmail.com.



Man, wish I found this thread a long time ago. If anyone remembers me, I was Norlin/Autumn/Deedlit.
Favorite things I remember, some which people hated me for...being in, leading and ultimately disbanding


Ok ALL of you, stop talking and come play, I fixed like 98% of the bugs of AN, and I need you to help me find the 2% left, and play the game and enjoy it !
finally a AN with a LOT LESS BUG.
and some new stuff like ability to floow someone withouth him knowing, change target when you fight (no need to kill a charmie before you can swap target) hitroll and ac that DO matter etc etc


mud has been migrated to arcanenites.com !
come check it to see how fast it improves !


Oh dear lord, you mean Havoc wasn't a figment of my imagination? I remember when I wore the title Archmage (rather arrogantly), and then was politely informed that it was taken...by a Meteor Swarm to the noggin. :)

Anyway, I just want the days where UE won every damn event in the Clan Olympics...because half the mud was a member. ;)



Hm....the mud appears to be down...any word?


Astarian, mud is now located at arcanenites.com 7000


Is the directions page on the web/the rest of the page down, then? It seems to have up and poofed.


All the code changes I had in mind are now 99% complete.
I set myself October the first to start advertising for Arcane nites and get some fresh player again. All of you who left for any reasons in the last year are welcome back. No question asked. just now that the game will stay absolutely fair for everyone. No special stuff in the code for any player. And pk are fully lootable.

Geni, Guardian of flora and fauna

Geni, Lalleglad, Auken and my imm char Damugi doing a Bump on this thread.

thought about how i missed the old days of AN.
i played mainly from 1997 up to 2k2 after my dad died, the people on AN were a big help in my dealing with my loss. thank you all.

little update from my life today nearly 9 years later, i've moved in with my GF and i'm working as an IT specialist for the Danish mil.
(read: system admin)

i know the last post is from 2k7, july, but i figured that some of you might still be crossing this now and again to seefor updates.

its good to see old names in here again.

i know AN old is back but sadly i lost the info, yet again, when my comp got a nasty rootkit and i had to wipe it.

if anyone remember Thukk and is still in contact with him, ask him for the info, he has it.

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