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I was actually just liking the t-shirt. I'm sort of clueless myself, doncha know. When you pointed it out, though, you were a Complete Package.


> their emotions seem to range all the way from X to X.1

It's the Botox.


The moms where I work are like this. I often can't tell one from another, even after I've known them (and their kids) for years. After several years I realized: oh, these are the girls I didn't like in HS! This is what happened to them!

Also of course must comment on the one-line throw-away book comment because East is the 2nd best book I read all summer, and I read dozens. I've been raving about it to kids and they're all fighting over this 500-page tome and then coming back on Monday & saying they read it over the weekend, couldn't put it down.

The best book I read all summer was The Sea of Trolls. It's a good companion to East--also medieval Scandanavian mythological adventure stuff. I keep meaning to post about these two and all my favorite new kid fantasies but instead it comes out in dribs and drabs of comments.


I stayed up far too late reading East last night. It's awesome!


Badgerbag asked me to paste the following IM observations into the blog so...

Until a couple of years ago I did volunteer teaching every other week at a space campish field trip. In theory the kids were learning about space, but essentially space was a kind ruse to get them excited about science and math.

Typically we'd have about 30 5th/6th graders from some school or another. However, homeschooler parents would call up the camp and want to attend. So the homeschool folks would be put on a list and all come in once the list reached 30 students. I'd get one of these groups about once every three months.

The _freaky_ thing about these students - they would _always_ be in the top 10% or the bottom 10% of the kids I'd see. It became pretty clear why - some kids had parents who were 'science types' and decided that they could do better than the schools would generally be amazing.

However, 60% of the kids were obviously being homeschooled for religous reasons. And damn - their parents apparently could care less about math. We're talking 6th graders who could barely add, could kinda multiply, and could not divide at all.

It was always freaky - a class without the usual 'middle ground' students. A few educated kids who were frustrated at having to sit as I flailed trying to help the dullards.

At one point after class was breaking up I asked one of the 'smart/godless' kid's parent a question. "So, it seems like some of the kids have different educational goals & priorities (wink, wink, exchange nod)... Is it frustrating when you get grouped into these common field trips?" The answer, "Yes it is. I could barely stand to watch you squirm with some of those poor kids."



Your google ad at the side of the page is for "See through blouse" so of course I clicked on it. Hey, a nickle for Badger and I get some free entertainment!


And you know, I had another shirt on underneath the pink one... but it was still seethrough as hell.

Even without clicking, it's a nickel a day! So i can really say, "If I had a nickel for every day that I blogged..." and then smack my forehead and remind myself that I actually HAVE a nickel...


I still can't figure out how to put it on my page. my first ad will probably say "DORKS. CHEAP."

Ms. Jane

The whole park scene sounded so much like high school. Can't you just see it as a John Hughes-esque feature length motion picture?

I can just see the cast now, Molly Ringwald as Squid, Mary Stuart Masterson as Badger, Alley Sheedy as Jo, and Elizabeth McGovern as Ep. We'd have to throw in Anthony Michael Hall and James Spader for good measure, maybe as y'all's wacky neighbors. And that adorable Dakota Fanning as Eliz...


I can't wait to hear the soundtrack! IN YOUR ARMS, THE LIGHT THE HEAT...


I never did learn to Blend. I tried so hard at the park. I took Girl almost every day and tried to talk to the other moms, and it was a big bunch of nothing. We were a Force of Two, then Three with Boy, most days.

We were our own parade. Sometimes I wonder if that was the "problem": I really enjoyed my kids, and I liked sitting and eating strawberries and turkey jerky and Gummi Bears on the curb in front of Corner Produce in Alameda.

But I don't Blend. Even if I had the uniform of slimness, caring about my hair, expensive yet shapeless clothing, I wouldn't Blend.

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