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PUBLISH IT! YES! YES! YES! And I like the "feeding frenzy," it is exactly what happens in the 'art world' as well, when anybody has a competition for a lame-ass residency or a too-small grant--thousands of artists spend weeks of hard-won time shooting top-quality slides, printing them, formatting CDs or DVDs or whatever, printing labels, writing "artist statements," getting references, updating résumés, writing 'statements of purpose' (different thing entirely from a.s.), justifications of their deserving-ness of every penny of pittance and square inch of potential studio space, paying fees, including self-addressed stamped envelopes and stamped postcards for notification of receipt of entry, and then, three to six months later, several thousand artists get a single sheet of paper, with their own slides, in their own self-addressed, stamped envelope, and 5 or 10 artists get a pittance. Hoo-whee.


I loved the feeding frenzy reference as well and thought it described the situation perfectly. Don't take it out, makes the piece more vivid.


Not extreme enough.

Prentiss Riddle

Small world: I'm sure she doesn't remember me but I knew Lili4444444n444 Val33333nzu333l44 when we were both in a minor undergrad honors thing at the University of Bevo (not Plaaan II but a much smaller deal that involved wine and cheese once a month and listening to each others' presentations on our projects). Lili4444444na did something cool that involved a slideshow of her hometown friends' revolutionary street theater, which as I recall actually took place in somebody's back yard rather than the street since it doesn't pay to dress up as a guerrilla and wave a plastic pistol out where cops can see you. Then I heard that she and her partner had signed on with Hoooole Fooooods (at that time still a local Austin store rather than a planet-devouring chain) to start their first high-end bakery. Hopefully those ill-gotten gains are now funding her small press.

Mark P.

I think it's great. I see you as standing up for the DIY, anti-bourgeois women, queers and junkies who will never have the luxury (much less the desire) to get into an MFA program. And as technology develops, this stance makes even more sense, because DIY becomes an alternative that can actually gain a wide distribution. It's already been proven by many, many people.

Here's a guy on a similar topic: http://kingwenclas.blogspot.com/2005/08/natural-writers.html

One has to wonder if it'd be better if writers were less well-trained; if at some point in the continuum, the process ground to a halt, while the writers still maintained a portion of originality and freshness; before all life had been processed out of their works.

Tish G

Reading this was pretty funny, badge...we've got some major similarities of character!

Writing, teaching writing, and the business of writing are often three different things. And, it seems that to make money at the business of writing one has to not just learn writing or teach writitng but also learn how to be *tactful* about criticizing other's writing or business of writing. I know I suffer from an inordinant amount of tactlessness which can (and does) get me in trouble. So, it's a good thing that you have an editor close by who can help you get some perspective--because without it, you could seriously end up shooting yourself in the foot.

Mark P.

> I'm all teeth and roar, but then I'm the biggest muffin on the
> planet as soon as the vet starts a-pettin'.

We have this terrific video called something like "Zoo Techniques for Calming Rhinos Through Grooming." It's this very nerdy production with an intended audience of, yes, zookeepers. It shows how rhinos can be prepared for human touch and handling in veterinary exams if the keepers brush and pet them every day. In one scene a rhino is shown getting a hardon as this is happening, and the narrator says, "And you can see that Stampy enjoys it too."


There was a brilliant article in the Guardian a few years ago written by the person who jacks off the rhinos at the SF zoo - for rhino breeding/insemination programs. With hilarious graphic detail. Apparently the rhino would get so excited when it heard the person's voice, it would ejaculate almost right away and they'd have to run with their dixie cup to catch it quick. I wish I still had that article! It was just funny as hell...


The things you read on Badgerbag! We haven't been treated to any Tonsil Posts for a while. Is that just a seasonal thing? Summer is for rhino ejaculation, winter is for tonsil stalagmites.


Oh... for heaven's sake, why am I googling "rhino ejaculation"? But since I did, I think you might all enjoy this sample of what it's like to be a vet or ag student. Oh, the stories i used to hear from my dad about the cattle ranch! Ew, ew, ew.

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