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You are doing a fine job. It is the weird kids who are interesting when they reach adulthood. I can keep saying that for a good number of years because well, I have four weird kids at home that definitely are of the noticeably weird variety and a fifth weird (again spot him across a crowded concert weird looking and sometimes acting) child who is pretending he is an adult living on his own but comes home just about every day to spend time with his mom(s). Our sixth child is a big girl who I didn't get to nurture into complete weirdness, even if that was possible, because I got her other mother too late. She seems blonde and clueless about a lot of things but no obvious oddness.

No flames in any of the children's hair yet though. Darn it. We did have pink and green leopard spots though.

And yes, my children have four parents who are definitely noticeable in the "honey, look" kind of way. An event with our children where all parents show up is known as our kids travelling with their momtourage.


You're a good parent and we're both doing an okay job at all this. Oh, and quit those imaginary conversations where you're defending yourself.

What is there to defend? Moomin is among the happiest and most well-adjusted children I know.


Yeah, what everyone said. I was looking forward to having a weird nerdy little kid, and instead got this blonde princess who lectures me about how Spiderman is for boys and Barbie is for girls...I love her dearly, but I wish she had some of Moomin's, um, *groundedness.* He knows who he is and likes who he is. It's admirable.

On another tack-- the teacher doesn't take them to the library?!


I like Moomin and I don't even know moomin. I pretty much spent ALL my free time at the library in grade school, either reading or plotting how to get as many books as possible into my backpack. (They didn't have a limit on how many can be checked out. MUWHAHAHAHA!)

Also, that time-bending kungfu? I need to learn that NOW. Because... err... I just do. Keep it on the down low. And never tell anybody I said "down low."


They have "library day " for the first time next week. they get a little school ID witih photo and, i think, magnetic stripe. Why don't they just RFID them and get it over with!

Alas for the coolness of seeing who checked out the same book before you. Here is an example of unintentional information loss with a move from paper to computer.

Big kid school is a lot more work for me than the private montessori/preschool. What I don't get is how do people do it who have, like, 4 kids in school? Oh my god! How do they manage?

Hip Liz

Friend of mine in the foothills almost had her kid kicked out for streaked hair. 'Gainst the rules. She told them to pound sand. It would wash out in time, and her kid wasn't missing school over it. Of course, when she met the principle, her own streaked hair and tatts and piercings no doubt sealed the sense of conviction.

It was about not being disruptive, which is bullshit talk for not being *appropriately* diverse. Once upon a time a black kid would have been disruptive. Obviously not anymore, but what *is* next? Wearing an hijab? Colored shoelaces?

I fear few people can really open their minds. All they really do is shift focus.

Fortunately you seem to be in a land where more openness can happen. And the "weird" kids are the best. Comfortable with their individuality, they end up spending energy on self-development that too many other kids spend on fitting in.


Yeah, I used to like seeing that checkout record in the school library book. On the other hand, I had to steal "If You Think You Might Be Gay" (or whatever it was called) because no way was I putting my name in there.


Annie I also would check out as many books as I possibly could. Middle school had a 2 book a day limit. I'd check them out in the morning and return them at the end of the day! Isn't that sad! Because school was so dull I could get away with doing almost nothing but reading all day.

And I had this one glorious moment when my mom in exasperation said that I could only check out as many books as I could carry (from the local library) and I folded up a grocery bag as small as I could, smuggled it in, filled it up, and carried it.

Yay for book-greed! If I could sleep on my books like a dragon gloating on its hoard, I would.

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