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I said hi to you at the conference, and yours is the first website I wanted to visit. Your friend's -- spanglemonkey -- is my next stop. I didn't have a card, so you're not trying to remember what I look like right now.

You did an excellent job here describing the feel of BlogHer. You especially nailed the way, I think, everybody felt about that guy who talked about terrorism. A little too heavy-handed, a little bit patronizing. Any negativity was in his own mind.

I loved the mommy-blogging session!!! I went on a contrarian whim, thinking, "Well, this topic has the least to do with my life." Naturally, the topic of keeping your identity and location vague came up -- it's a very obvious issue if you're talking about posting stuff about your kids on the Web. But I got a sense that everyone had decided on her own best policy and moved on quickly to other considerations. The discussion was more about "why we write," and it left me wishing I had had this tool when my own daughter was young.

I told you I'd comment on your blog, but that's not why I'm writing this. Your entry pulled me in. I'll be back.


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