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Didn't we once talk about how I was waiting for pocket computers to include wireless/cell access and GPS so that you could annotate real space and share your annotations?


Me specifically? Or everyone? 8-P
The idea of annotating everything thrills me to the core. I! Will! Footnote! Everythingintheuniverse! Digression, I am your handmaiden!


I think that's just about the coolest thing ever. Dang.

heather w

one of my favorite recent reads is _Wanderlust: A History of Walking_ by Rebecca Solnit (who lives in SF and talks about walking there in the book). One fun feature is the running footer of quotes about walking.


is it a running footer! or a walking footer?! how could I pass up on that dumb joke opportunity?

heather w

as soon as i hit "post" I realized the opportunity missed... some of the quotes do run on and on...


You specifically, one of those days we were lazing around the pool...or at least I think I recall that...because you would think it was cool and not "Oh my god, what a nerd"

Prentiss Riddle

J, speaking of annotating real space, check out John Udell's walking tour of Keene, NH. It may seem a little prosaic but the punch line made my jaw drop. So if I use this in a paper, whom do I credit, Udell or you?

B, I'm surprised at MG's comment on running moms with triangular strollers, not only for the apparent sexism and anti-mom-ism of it but because they are a very useful technology.

I used a lot of different strollers when my girls were little and a hand-me-down jogging stroller was the only one which worked for me in ergonomic terms. Most strollers have handles that are too short for tall people (I'm no giant, just 5'11") and, what's worse, they force you to take short steps if you don't want to bump your feet on the rear axle and/or cargo basket.

If I ever have kids again (let us pray not, I have the optimal number now) there are a few things I won't skimp on: well-designed strollers and car seats, and a good pediatrician-grade in-the-ear thermometer.


Somehow when I'm hanging out in queerish, 20-40-somethingish SF every single time there is someone who makes a crack against moms. I can't help noticing. Even more fun than making fun of 'white trash'! Yuppie moms, the new Enemy. So bogus. I'm constantly going around quietly clearing my throat and saying that I have a kid... I kind of expect it from 18 year olds who think their own middle class parents suck, but not from my peers... it's not even about "breeders"... it's specifically about the annoyingness of the women. Like they are the ultimate sellouts. maybe they, um, we, are the ultimate sellouts. But it doesn't seem like something you can assume everyone wants to joke about... ya know, i'm also super moody and pms-y... feeling like a giant bitch... poss. taking it too seriously.


Maybe because they've taken such pains to appear NOT to be yuppie moms?

They fear death.

Prentiss Riddle

Or just simple sour grapes?


no, it's not sour-grapes... the need to differentiate is there... I think the media picks its demons and makes them un-hip... and people just jump all over that. I make fun of burning man hippies and queer punks almost non-stop, so I guess it's only fair if they make fun of suburban moms! I've got a toe uncomfortably in many camps... if only my toes were stretchier. Still, it is one of the classic problems of feminism for the non-moms to diss the moms and vice versa. Shouldn't someone be pointing that out, gently...

p.s. Jo you are so fucking hilarious!

pps Jo you have to come to WWD in May because I'm reading. I don't care if it's past your bedtime. may 14th


They are unreflective Tools of the Patriarchy. (hah! tell them that next time & watch them blanch!) Specifically the patriarchy's hatred and fear of aging in women. Cause if you don't have kids, you can be Young and Cool forever, and mock everyone who isn't.

Not that everyone who doesn't have kids is doing that, not by a long shot. But those who mock, I say they're fair game for that kind of armchair analysis.

Ms. Jane

I don't like the power walking moms with the three wheeled stroller because they don't like to share the sidewalk and act like *you're* supposed to get the hell out of the way. Joggers/runners are often the same way. Like, how come *I'm* always supposed to get out the way?

I'll play chicken with these people sometimes, especially if they're men, who always totally assume you'll just step aside for them. As if!

I mean, I walk quickly on the appropriate side of the sidewalk. If there's somebody in my path, I'll go around. Yeesh!

The problem is rampant. Like groups of three people who walk along their slow-assed way and leave no room for anyone else to pass them. So you have to walk in the street or on somebody's lawn to pass them. Oh! That makes me so mad!

I mean, people in urban areas be aware of themselves and the space they take up already!!! Do you really need to bring your massive umbrella to the financial district?!?!

Wow. I've got a lot of pent up rage about that...


Ha!!! I play chicken with men on the streeet too. It's amazing and scary how they just NEVER get out of the way.


Prentiss, I'm not at all sure whether I came up with the idea or ran across it or something similar somewhere and forgot. Udell has actually put some work into his thing, though it's sort of half of what I was contemplating in that the handheld seems just to be the input device for annotating the online map. I was picturing it that the handheld would do both: you could annotate with it, and you could use it to see if somebody had left any on any area near you: hmm, three on that statue over there, one on this neighborhood, and oh, look, seven on that used bookstore!

Prentiss Riddle

J, that's a bit like GeoURLs, the thing Joshua Schachter did before he did del.icio.us. Only GeoURLs didn't have pictures. I hear somebody took over geourls.org with Joshua's blessing and I don't know what it's mutated into; here is my take on the idea in its previous form.

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