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Badgerbag: messy, surly, full of books is my general interest blog. Its baroque digressions attempt to capture my reality in the tradition of complex personal memoir. I write about everything interesting that comes my way. Books, computing, social media, other blogs, poetry, literary translation, family, parenting, my own memories, relationships, news, and especially my reflections on gender, feminism, race, class, and intercultural politics.

I like to treat this blog, this memoir, as literature. Everything is important. Memory itself is important politically. Thus, I feel that my public diary is a political committment.

Though this goes against the usual advice in blogging -- to pick a topic (that isn't "me") and stick to it -- I have committed to remaining multifaceted, messy, uncategorizable on badgerbag. I try to keep it as honest as I can, without trespassing on anyone else's privacy.

Part of what I have to give here on badgerbag is my boundless love and enthusiasm for everything that comes to my attention. The negative side of that is that I look like a hyperactive ADD narcissist with boundary issues. The positive side, the one I prefer, is to think of this as perpetual hunger, celebration, and the scattering of beautiful verbal confetti to the aether and to you.


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